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SOTA RV LTD would like to introduce Roma Caravans to the New Zealand market.

We have been on the search for the highest quality caravans that would suit NZ roads and the NZ lifestyle, with all the latest tech on offer. Roma meet these criteria.

Roma, being the oldest caravan manufacturer in the world have been building caravans since 1928, and it has been in the same family since the early 1950’s. Throughout the years the business has evolved, undergoing an ownership change in the mid 1950’s to the late Vittorio Palmarini. Introducing his son, Tony, to the business in the early 60’s, he then learnt the ways of manufacturing before opening a sales yard. Tony returned to the factory to assist his father. Like father like son, Tony too introduced his sons to the business. The business ownership has continued with Tony, introducing Brendan as a director in 2018. Brendan has followed in his father’s footsteps, having worked in the factory for several years, before Brendan developed a very successful sales yard, then returning to the factory.

With 90 years of manufacturing reputation, Roma Caravans are manufacturers of quality with a solid focus on innovation, clarity of style and leaders in customisation. Roma Caravans specialise in building caravans with specific and custom requirements with a focus on quality, style and durability, not mass production.

With our range on offer, we have models to suit your individual travel plans from family trips away to a luxurious home on wheels. We can help you tour our main highways or indulge your desire for off-road adventures. We can quench your thirst for a weekend getaway or meet your preference for an extended time on the open road. Rome the world in our own backyard in a Roma!

So if you are in the market for the latest the caravan industry has to offer with the quality to match, then talk to us!

From left to right: Mike Carmody (SOTA RV LTD Owner), Brendan Palmarini(ROMA Caravans Director) and Jared Rameka (SOTA RV LTD Owner)

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